Fibio & Uniquely take New York

Wow, where do I even start?

I’ve always wanted to go to New York especially during the winter because I always imagined myself walking the streets of New York in a dope coat and cute boots. Those who know me, know I love a bad coat. That vision was now about to become a reality, but I wasn’t just going to New York I was going for fashion week. Can we say, “BLESSED”! I was beyond excited.  Although I was overjoyed with excitement, I was filled with uncertainty as well (we were driving, Oh my!)  Who voted for that? Fabio and I don’t do road trips at all!! 

To prepare for this road trip,  I literally rested my body up until it was time to leave. We left Wednesday evening and I was so anxious (for several reasons). The main reason being this was our first road trip since we got together and it was a 10-hour drive. I prayed hard and took my meds so I could sleep. I literally slept the entire way there, thank God for amazing friends. 

Fast forward to our arrival Thursday afternoon my body felt like it could just break into a million pieces but I couldn’t let it show because it was game time. There was only time to change and get ready for the casting call. The casting call was such an AMAZING experience… there were so many models to choose from. Friday was show day. Show days are always 8+ hours long so mentally I prepared to be down for the next few days, but who wants to do that when you’re in The Big Apple. I gained so many dope connections. It felt good to style for a show that would be showcased during fashion week. Uniquely gained new followers, potential clients and new fashion friends. So I couldn’t let Fabio steal the spotlight although he was coming so close.

Saturday and Sunday it rained all day long, the rain is one of Fabio’s worst enemies. So, I will admit, Sunday Fabio won, he took control. I couldn’t get out of bed, let alone stay awake – I had no fight in me. My fear of getting sick had come true. But it was one of the opportunities I was willing to pay for.

We hit the road and headed home on Monday. Again, I slept the entire way home. The next few days I was down and the pain was crazy.  But, you know what’s crazy?! I would do it all over again, next time I am flying.