Girllllllll calm down and please get out of your feelings!!!

I get it, he’s attractive, sits in the front pew at every service and doesn’t sell drugs. Seems like a “good catch” huh? well before you start planning the wedding.. breathe, step back and build a friendship! Soon and VERY soon you’ll find out the difference between a MAN of God and a CHURCH BOY! Keep in mind that just because he goes to church doesn’t mean that the devil won’t use him to throw you all the way off! Don’t be fooled.. The devil knows the bible front AND back! Yes I know that Its sooo hard being a woman of God and attempting to date! But you have to keep in mind that just because he opens the door, treats you to a few dates and compliments you doesn’t mean he wants to marry you!!! Stop trying to qualify every single guy in the church as “bae“. We have to stop trying to validate any and every guy that compliments you! Every man that you meet will NOT be your husband.. geesh if that was the case you’ll have plenty of husbands.

Lol but no seriously.  The best thing to do is be comfortable BEING WITH YOU. A lot of females are afraid of being alone b/c being alone kinda forces YOU to deal with.. you. We (yes, including myself) have a lot of past issues and baggage that we are still carrying around but it would not be fair to that man that you desire if you walk up to him as “the bag lady” y’all know the Erykah Badu song. No one wants to deal with someone that’s holding on to the things of the past. I mean let’s be realistic.. would you want to be someone’s blessing that’s nothing but a burden to you???

Reevaluate yourself and just allow God to show you how precious and marvelous you are! He created you and knows every single thing about you!
When you adhere to what God has said to you, doors will be opened, confidence will be enlisted, chains will be broken, love will be shared and desires will be met! Now trust me, I get it… You want to be married and multiply. But allow God to align you with who He has made for YOU!

Stop entertaining any and every man without a ring on his finger and fall in love with YOU!! You’re PRECIOUS and WONDERFULLY made!

God took His time sculpting you!

Don’t make it so easy for him, him, him and him to have YOUR TIME ! Soul ties are real and aren’t just created by having intercourse but that’s a different topic so be easy and keep God first!

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