Dear Sis,

Today, August 3rd is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. I want to negotiate my salary, but I’m not sure how to go about it. Can you share some tips?

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Sis, first off, let me start by saying BRAVO for even taking the initiative to advocate for yourself on a day like today but especially for Black Women’s Equal Day.

I must say I am very happy we as black women are being acknowledged as the educated, capable, professional, organized, and business-driven women we are. It’s both sad and amazing we must even have a day dedicated to be considered equal, Equal to both white men and women and black men. Yet, here we are. So, identifying what the pay scale is versus where you are on it needs to be established. Then, your skillset and education need to be highlighted as well. Speak with your leadership team and find out where you are in the company within your role and go from there.

Negotation Tips

Unfortunately, most corporations do not honor days like this, but that doesn’t mean you cannot put together a presentation highlighting your area of expertise, what you’ve added to the organization, and the culture of your office. Make sure you highlight your value and educational background are important. Clarifying that you are advocating for the pay deserved and that it is NOT a full comparison. It’s necessary to be direct, clear, and concise with your data. Add printed-out handouts for them to follow along with in addition to your presentation – it doesn’t hurt either. This approach lets them see you are prepared, equip, and comfortable in your role. It also shows your seriousness regarding your role in the company.

Many companies devalue employees, and many are often left feeling undervalued. This type of interaction says the complete opposite. This approach says, “I know my value and I’m adding tax!!!”

So, STRUT sis into your workplace with these professional tips and show them exactly what you’re made of. Let us know how it goes and how you felt afterward. We’d love to hear back!

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